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Yektasonics Power Module Shipped!

Dear Yektasonics Team, Advisors, Colleagues, and Friends, Last Monday, we shipped our Power Modules to a major ultrasound company in the USA. As you know, our technology is dramatically lower cost in comparison to other Power Modules in the market; it is a single channel ultrasound transducer driver with capability to drive up to 30 Watts in a small 3.9"x1.1" board, with no external matching network needed (to name some of the features). Our power drivers can be programmed for different phases and power in our multi channel Phased Array; which again cuts the cost dramatically low with major performance benefits, some of them mentioned above. These technologies started and were designed specifically for ultrasound applications to address the high cost of these driving systems, as well as other performance limitations currently in the market.

Stay tuned for more exciting news! Thanks, Navid

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