Software Engineer



We have a hardware-software co-designed invention that reduces the cost of ultrasound drivers dramatically. Our technology is in demand in medical and non-medical industries. Our technology is Phased Array and Power module, which are sophisticated electronics to drive transducers (elements generating acoustic waves). These acoustic waves are used in numerous medical applications and non-medical engineering cases. In medicine, Focused Ultrasound (FUS) treats over 150 medical conditions, such as cancer with no chemotherapy or surgery, or brain conditions without opening the skull   


We have an interesting and challenging Software position, where a strong candidate will contribute to our existing software or will develop new modules, such as Yektasonics Operating System, our end user package, our embedded computing interface, and more.


The work will be done mostly in C/C++. The work is hosted at UC Santa Cruz. The candidate is preferred to enroll for research credits, and the hours can be paid later from our sale and/or equities be assigned.


You can check out the company website for more information at    

Graphical designer:


We need a strong graphical/video designer for graphics and video activities we plan to have. The work can include but not limited to a video about our technology, graphical contents for our presentations and social media, and possible help for our upcoming NSF I-Corps program.


The candidate should have passion for our mission, and he/she should be a true artist. The right candidate can pick up skills and prior experience is not needed (but it is a plus). 


The hours will not be paid as we are pre-revenue. Future arrangements once we have income can happen.