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Meet the Team


Navid Gougol

He is the CEO/Founder, where he started this novel research at UC Berkeley in 2015. He was a former chip designer at AMD and Sun. He has doctorate studies at University of California, MS & BS from USC and University of Tehran. He was with Stanford University while in Silicon Valley   

Balaram Behera

He works on our feedback processing system, where he has developed mathematical algorithms for our error correction.  He is currently a PhD student in CS at GA Tech. He received his BS in Math/CS from the University of California, where he was awarded UC Regent Scholarship & Dean Research.

Ambrose Liu

He works on our enclosure box for our Phased Array and Power Module. He is at the University of California-Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering. He interns at Applied Materials, and was part of Berkeley High Performance Robotics

Chris Mason

He develops our software package on multiple platforms. He has software development experience  with UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute and AHA. He is a UCSC Computer Engineering major and multiple Dean's list awardee.



Ali Niknejad

He is a full professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California -Berkeley. He is a serial entrepreneur in Radio Frequency & Med Tech industry (LifeSignals & RF Pixels). He consults and advises us on our circuits and technology.


Donald Wiberg

He is an emeritus professor of Electrical Engineering and Anesthesiology at UCLA. He is a mathematician and control theorist. He was an IEEE Congressional Fellow as Legislative Assistant to Sen. Tom Harkin (Dem, IA)


Amir Manbachi

He is a professor of neurosurgery and biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University, and director of a world renowned Focused Ultrasound Lab (HEPIUS). He advises Yektasonics on ultrasound and medical direction.


Walt Froloff

He is a patent attorney, inventor, and an entrepreneur. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley College of Engineering and has a Doctorate in Law. He advises us and supports our IP and patent efforts.

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