Meet the Team

Navid Gougol

He is the CEO, Founder, and inventor of this novel phased array technology at University of California, Berkeley. A former chip designer at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Sun. He holds MS & BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Southern California (USC) & University of Tehran. He was with Stanford University while in industry.


Ali Niknejad

He is a full professor at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at University of California -Berkeley. He is a serial entrepreneur with Radio Frequency & Med Tech (LifeSignals & RF Pixels). 

He consults/advises us on hardware & venture.


Ted Selker

He is a serial entrepreneur, and a former professor at MIT and Carnegie Mellon University. He was a IBM Research fellow.

He advises us on business & technology growth.

Balaram Behera

He works on our feedback system, developing mathematical algorithms to process raw data for error correction. He has a BS in Math & Computer Science from University of California. He was awarded UC Regent Scholarship & Dean Research. He is a PhD student in CS at GA Tech.

Ray Huang

He has been working on our embedded computing interface. He was a National Taiwan University presidential award recipient. He is Computer Science senior at Georgia Tech, interning at Amazon, FaceBook, and NASA/JPL.







Ambrose Liu

He has been designing our enclosure box for our phased array system. He is at the University of California-Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering, and part of Berkeley High Performance Robotics Lab, and Armada Aeronautics for flying vehicles.