Meet the Team

Navid Gougol


Navid Gougol is the inventor of YektaSonics core technology at University of California, Berkeley. He is a former chip designer at Advanced Micro Devices and Sun microsystems (Oracle) worked on next generation computing chips, part of High Speed IO and CPU teams. He had extensive studies in engineering, physics, and medicine at the University of California, Stanford, University of Southern California, and University of Tehran, for his doctorate program, and he holds MS and BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Ali Niknejad


Ali Niknejad advises YektaSonics Inc. on RF/mixed-signal circuits.

Ali Niknejad is a professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department at the University of California, Berkeley.


He has started innovative startups in the field of Radio Frequency, received the prestigious ISSCC and Jack Kilby awards, to name a few.

Ted Selker


Ted Selker is a former professor at MIT and CMU and  a former IBM Research fellow.

He is an advisor, Chief Scientist, and CTO for various startups. He has worked for CTO’s and CEO’s on innovation and strategy for large companies. 

The Staff

Alexander Lill — Software Engineer

He works on embedded computing interface of the beam-former.

Balaram Behera — Software Engineer

He is developing mathematical algorithm for our beamformer raw data processing unit.​ 

Ambrose Liu — Mechanical Engineer

He is developing our 3D enclosure box for our array technology.

Samuel Angeles — Digital Marketing

He worked on our digital marketing and customer outreach.

Atira Nair — Website Designer

She worked on UX design of the website and logo design..

Kyle Jeffery — Hardware Engineer

He worked on our PCB assembly and bringup.

Finnegan Johan — Software Engineer

He worked on our high level package software design. 

Trevor Muraro — Software Engineer (contractor)

He was University of California, Computer Engineering graduate with magna cum laude honors. Also, a former software engineer at Vigilent. He developed high level desktop application for our beam-former in Pyhton and C++.

Ray Huang — Software Engineer Intern

He is a National Taiwan University presidential award recipient. He conducted research on molecular and cell biology big data at NTU. He also was an intern at NASA. He made our beamformer software machine interface 10x faster.​

Meghna Mandava — Hardware Engineer Intern

She is from UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences Department. She was part of our board level debug and assembly for our beam-former.  


Richard Fan — Software Engineer Intern

He is from University of California, Computer Sciences. He developed a graphical user interface for our software system.​


Phil Zhang — Business Staff Intern

He is from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. He contributed for our customer discovery efforts.

Priya Calaimany — Software Engineer Contractor

She is University of California, Computer Sciences graduate with honors. She was part of embedded computing development efforts. 

Minh Quan — Computer Engineer Contractor

He is SJSU, Computer Engineering graduate. He is contributing to our high level software package and UI.


Jahnvi Doshi — Business/Technical staff Intern

She was from University of California, Berkeley, Electrical Engineering and Haas school of business. She was part of customer discovery team.

Elias Argand — Hardware Test Engineer Contractor

He was SJSU Electrical Engineering graduate. He helped in some of hardware debug and assembly for our boards. 

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