Meet the Team


Navid Gougol

He is the CEO, Founder, and inventor of this novel phased array technology at University of California, Berkeley. A former chip designer at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Sun. He holds MS & BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Southern California (USC) & University of Tehran. He was with Stanford University while in industry.


Ali Niknejad

He is a full professor at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at University of California -Berkeley. He is a serial entrepreneur with Radio Frequency & Med Tech (LifeSignals & RF Pixels). 

He consults/advises us on hardware & venture.

Nicholas Hunter

He works on our software package and interface units. He is Summa Cum Laude graduate in Computer Sciences and Engineering from the Arizona State University in Tempe. He was awarded Dean's Honor List. 

Balaram Behera

He has developed our feedback system, by mathematical algorithms to process raw data for error correction. He has a BS in Math & Computer Science from University of California. He was awarded UC Regent Scholarship & Dean Research. He is a PhD student in CS at GA Tech.

Ambrose Liu

He has been designing our enclosure box for our phased array system. He is at the University of California-Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering, and part of Berkeley High Performance Robotics Lab, and Armada Aeronautics for flying vehicles.