What do we do?

YektaSonics has developed a novel ultrasound phased array system, and is going to introduce  an ultrasonic Deep Brain Stimulator (uDBS).


uDBS will replace current DBS systems in the market which are severely invasive, and suffer from infection, bleeding, and high costs and complications of neurosurgery.


Focused Ultrasound has the power to target deeb brain tissues, in mm sized ranges, passing through skull, and create neuron firing or inhibition with no damage in the brain (no increase in temperature).


This revolutionary technology will change state of the art treatments in neurologic and psychiatric conditions.

Our Story

We started as university research at the University of California - Berkeley, and we continued towards non-invasive therapy in particular ultrasonic neuromodulation (UNMOD).

Our Vision

We have the vision of ultrasonics Deep Brain Stimulator (uDBS). This non-invasive technology can replace current DBS systems, for conditions such as Parkinson and Epilepsy. There are 30 neurologic and psychiatric disorders that focused ultrasound can potentially treat.


We currently have a novel phased array system with pure sine outputs. Our uDBS technology will be a portable miniaturized brain stimulator that sits outside of skull to treat neurologic and psychiatric patients.

What is uDBS?

uDBS is ultrasonic Deep Brain Stimulator that use sound waves for neuromodulation to create neuron firing or suppression. 



Our Product

We have a pure sine output ultrasound phased array system, and we plan to develop ultrasonic Deep Brain Stimulator (uDBS). This pure non-invasive technology will send sound waves to the brain without opening the skull, and replaces current invasive DBS systems. 

Our current ultrasound phased array system generate pure sine signals in ultrasound frequency range with fine phase and power control on each output. This technology will be portable for uDBS. 

Ultrasound Neuromodulation or UNMOD has wide range of applications to treat neurologic and psychiatric patients. Based on Focused Ultrasound Foundation website, there are 30 brain disorders that are currently treated or under investigation for treatment using UNMOD.


These disorders include but not limited to Parkinson, Epilepsy, Mood Disorder, OCD, Depression, Alzheimer's, Addiction, Essential Tremor, and more. 


"High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU is an FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of prostate cancer that offers personalized treatment and dramatically reduced side effects"

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