Why we are working on uDBS?

uDBS, stands for ultrasonic Deep Brain Stimulator, is the world's first pure non-invasive wearable focused ultrasound brain therapy device to replace current invasive DBS implants.

DBS is being used mainly for the treatment of movement disorder conditions, such as Parkinson, Epilepsy, and Essential Tremor. There is a severe neurosurgical procedure involved for insertion of neural probes into the brain, which has cases of bleeding and infection. There are also reports of death and coma when MRI is used with DBS. High cost of neurosurgery  is other major issue. 


uDBS solves all the above problems by sending harmless sound waves from outside of skull to the fine localized brain regions which results in neurons firing or suppression.

Our Story

We started as university research at the University of California - Berkeley in 2015. YektaSonics was formed to introduce a cost/performance unique HIFU device in 2017. In 2020, we chose our direction towards introduction of uDBS to replace invasive DBS (Deep Brain Stimulators).

Our Vision

We have the vision of ultrasonics Deep Brain Stimulator (uDBS). This non-invasive technology can replace current DBS systems, for conditions such as Parkinson and Epilepsy. There are 30 neurologic and psychiatric disorders that focused ultrasound can potentially treat.


We currently have a novel phased array system with pure sine outputs. Our uDBS technology will be a wearable miniaturized brain stimulator that sits outside of skull to treat neurologic and psychiatric patients.


Our Product


We have a novel ultrasound phased array system. The array has pure sine output, with fine phase and power control on its output, delivering high power to end transducers. This video shows the device in the lab:


The final ultrasonic Deep Brain Stimulator (uDBS).  will be a wearable battery powered device which sends sound waves to the finely localized brain regions for therapeutic purposes. This goal will be achieved via arrangement of tiny transducers on the patient skull with no neurosurgery.


This revolutionary technology will replace current invasive DBS systems. This video shows the importance of brain treatment for movement disorder, and invasiveness of neurosurgery.


National Science Foundation, Bay Area I-Corps Node Award Number 1643295

University of California-Berkeley Accelerator Citris Foundry Cohort Selected Team


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