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Focused ultrasound is a revolutionary and fast-growing medical therapy. It sends harmless sound waves from outside of the body to create a therapeutic focal point, with applications in over 60 medical conditions, including but not limited to Oncology, Gynecology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Cardiology, and more.

We have developed a highly cost-effective focused ultrasound phased array system, where pure RF or sine outputs are controlled on our outputs for fine phase and power control, in a scalable channel counts.

The technology can be used in numerous medical applications of focused ultrasound such as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and more.

Our Story

We started as university research at the University of California - Berkeley in 2015. YektaSonics was formed to introduce a focused ultrasound phased array in 2017. We achieved a novel scalable channel count phased array with sine outputs in highly cost-effective fashion.

Our Vision

We have the vision of non-invasive medicine. Our technology can be a core building block in any focused ultrasound therapeutic system. One of the emerging applications of focused ultrasound is brain neuromodulation, where the cost of brain conditions annually in USA is $1.5T. Focused ultrasound has shown promising results in over 30 neurologic and psychiatric conditions.


We currently have a novel phased array system, with pure sine outputs. The device has fine phase and power control on its output and deliver power to transducers. The design is scalable in channel counts, in very low cost and compact size fashion.


Our Product

We have a novel ultrasound phased array system. The array has pure sine output (continuous wave), with 1 degree phase and 1% power control, delivering high power of 10 W to 50 ohm transducer and up to 20 W to lower impedance transducer, with no need for a matching network at the output, 90% power efficiency on power, burst control capability, and wide ultrasound frequency range of operation from low sub MHz to few MHz. It comes in compact size and much very cost-effective way.


National Science Foundation, Small Business Innovation Research, Phase I pitch deck acceptance

National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Bay Area Node Recommended

University of California-Berkeley Incubator Citris Foundry Cohort Selected Team

Berkeley Tech Future Group Small Business Selected Client

University of California Big Ideas Finalist.

Listed as a new manufacturer by FUSF.


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